Charity Work at Home and in Uganda

A Visit To Bulamu Children's Village

I was in Uganda for two weeks in this March. I got to meet some amazing people and see some amazing sights. I visited Bulamu Children’s Village. In my book, Lead with your heart, I became passionate about helping in Uganda because of a friendship I made with a young man named George Mugisha. He and his brother grew up at Bulamu. I knew I had to visit there. Through his stories I saw how remarkable and loving the gentleman running the facility was, Joseph Lubega. Everyone just calls him Uncle Joseph. He is doing amazing work there with children, but he needs help. Bulamu has grown to 780 children.

How About The School Rooms?

The school rooms are just rooms with a chalkboard on the wall. No desks, no books and no paper. The sleeping areas are rooms with mattresses on the floors for the children to sleep on and during the day they take them outside to dry. Uncle Joseph stated that the biggest issue Bulamu faces is feeding all the children. Uganda is country with an average of 2.5 million orphans on average. Our goal as MMFF is to help Uncle Joseph and others like him to help these children. Imagine you are 5 years old and living on the streets. No one to turn to and no way to see to it that your basic needs are met. This is the reality for many children in Uganda.

United We Stand For A Transformed World

It's easy to believe when you reach at the projects than being told and we can only do that by coming together as a family to raise a strong and privileged generation.

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