Amka Foundation Africa

Amka Foundation Africa

My Visit To Amka Foundation Africa and What it is all about!.

By Martha Hoy

I visited AMKA Foundation Africa in Kampala Uganda in April. Part of the proceeds from my book ‘Lead with your heart’ are being donated to this organization. Part of the goals of AMKA is to promote vocational skills and talents that enhance self-sustainability.

They serve their local community. The programs include fashion design, hair dressing and cosmology. I got to spend time with the students and experience their amazing talent.

In the US we can obtain skills through trades schools or get student loans to go to a University. In Uganda a part of the economic problem is that people can not obtain the skills in order to support themselves. According to the UN statistics 11% of the population has access to electricity. As you can imagine getting computer skills and other needed skills are not easily obtained.

“The fashion design courses have 30 students and only 7 sewing machines at AMKA. But they make it work and the first class of fashion design graduated in January 2019. Manual sewing machines are needed for the future classes.”

Currently, AMKA has a great need for computers. Computer skills are a must in any field. Students have started to sign up for the course and a teacher is eager to teach, but they only have one computer at the organization.


While visiting I attended a meeting with the organization’s teachers and administration. Each person there told me how AMKA had positively affected their lives. Many of the people there are volunteers because the organization has enriched their lives in many ways. 

DOnate today and change lives

If you can assist AMKA with sewing machines or computers please contact MMFF at 304-552-6909 or email at All donations are tax deductible to MMFF. Our tax ID number is 83-2354604. 501 (C) (3) in pending with the US government. 

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